Renowned as the finest 

percussionist in Lebanon

and the Middle East,

Elio offers a unique

drumming show

that combines latin

percussion & oriental

darbuka with modern

trance, house, electro,

underground, arabic

and dance music to

create something truly


A talented Darbuka player

and live percussionist,

he has performed at

countless niche club

nights, festivals,

weddings, TV shows

and corporate events

and collaborated with

global agencies in London, 

Paris, UAE…

Not just a talented event


he is also a natural

showman and

charismatic performer.

Elio knows exactly how to

captivate his audience

and create an electric

atmosphere that never

fails to pack dance floors.

He can tailor his live

drumming performance

to suit your specific event,

adapting the set length,

pace of each performance

piece and percussion

set up.